The stain of colour in Blekinge

Where the nation's blue and yellow blend the country's green Experience nature at the Ronneby-river.
Tradition and history of the people.
Adventures on the water and in the forest.


Sweden > Blekinge > Hjorthålan: 

Like a village Hjorthålans Camping & Stugby adds itself into
the landscape, where the Ronneby-river
as a small lake clears the mixed woodland.

The place works as a starting point for daily trips, whether motorized, with bicycle, boat or on "apostels' horses" (swed.).

- comfortable cottages and cosy apartment
- places for tents and caravans
- hire service for boats and canoes
- sanitary facilities with sauna
- 2nd hand market and kiosk
- play- and climbing-ground
- fishing in our own pond - sale of fishing cards
- grill and fireplace
- meeting-house
- boule-place


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