Welcome to our watery hunting grounds. The lake is a reservoir for the power station in the Ronnebyriver, which was dammed in 1949. It is about 3 kilometers in length and upp to 200 meters wide. The deepest point lies 34 meters under the surface. It´s water comes partly from the original river and partly from Lillån, a fresh brook feeding the lake even with oxygen. The easiest way to fish is from the boat, which can be rented at Hjorthålans Camping/Kafé.

  Prices for the fishingcard 
One day: 50:- SEK
One week: 200:- SEK
One year: 300:- SEK

Hjorthålans Camping & Stugby/Kafé Hjorthålan 57,
370 17 Eringsboda. Tel: 0457-45 50 31
If you rent a canoe at Paddelkompaniet you can buy a fishing card even there. Tel: 0457-80300.

You are allowed to fish spinning, with fly or to angle. The minimum size for pike-perch and salmon trout to take is 40 cm. The fishing card is to be shown on demand and does not entitle to catch crayfish. Mind the swedish Right of Public Access: “Don´t disturb, don´t destroy!”

In 1999 3000 pieces of fry from pike-perch were put out in the the lake. 2007 a pike-perch with the weight of 4 kilogram was taken, which shows that the population has survived. In 2003 250 salmon trouts à 500 g were released into the lake and in 2011 once more 2500 pieces of pike-perch were settled in our water. For 2013 the same amount is planed. Our grandpa-pike is still hiding in the riverside and makes one and another fishing man desparate. But to catch a tasty perch of 700 g or a pike of two kilo even beginners should succeed with and in summer 2011 three salmon trouts were fished with the length of 49 - 72 cm. Furthermore there are tench, bream and whitefish.

  History and Information  
Hjorthålandammens Fiskevårdsföreningen (fishing association) was established in 1997 on initiative of the former owner of Hjorthålans Camping, Arvid Svensson, together with Rolf Rosenquist from Humlaryd who also got elected to the associations first chairman. The associations purpose is to increase the interst in fishing by maintaining a population especially of pike-perch and salmon trout and to further tourist activities along the Ronneby-river. Now there are 14 members, two in Hjorthålan, four in Humlaryd, one in Klåvben and seven in ÖstraHult. The fishing area consists of the part of the Ronneby-river which lies in the north of the power station Klåvben in Blekinge upp to the border to Kronoberg. To see the area’s border click on the headline over the map beside.

Ulf Rosenquist
Tel: 0457-46 10 10,

Dieter Dinkel
(Hjorthålans Camping)
Tele: 0457-455 031,

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